生活习惯对血糖的影响 – 3
个性化血糖提醒,实时高低血糖提醒 – 2
随时随地查看血糖 – 4
报告 – 6
亲友分享 – 5
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生活习惯对血糖的影响 – 3
个性化血糖提醒,实时高低血糖提醒 – 2
随时随地查看血糖 – 4
报告 – 6
亲友分享 – 5

Sinocare iCan
Continuous Glucose
Monitoring System





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iCan, the world's first and only 15-day continuous monitoring system

iCan CGM offers you longer glucose monitoring for up to 15 days.
Manage your diabetes with more confidence and less effort.

Easier diabetes management

No scanning.
No fingerpricks.
View your glucose readings and trends anytime and anywhere.

Customizable glucose alerts

Set low and high glucose alerts that suit your target glucose level and keep you informed of hyper and hypoglycemia.

More insights into your glucose readings

Offer multiple glucose analysis to easily know your glucose trends and fluctuation.

Adaptable to various scenes of life
Incredibly compact and weight only 6g.
Water resistant to 8 feet for up to 2 hours.
You can exercise, shower, swim, or even surf at ease.
Product name Sinocare iCan CGMs Product model i3
Sensor life​ Up to 15 days Shelf life Up to 1 year
Sensor glucose result range 36.0 mg/dL – 450.0 mg/dL(2.0–25.0 mmol/L) MARD 8.71%
Operating temperature & humidity 10°C to 42°C (50°F to 108°F) 10% - 90% Relative humidity Storage and transport temperature & humidity 2°C to 30°C (36°F to 86°F) 10% - 90% Relative humidity
Water resistance IP28, up to a depth of 2.5 meters (8 ft) for up to 2 hours Data communication range 6 meters (20 ft) unobstructed
Sensor dimensions 32mm*5.7mm

iCan CGM system is intended to be used by adults aged 18 years and older. iCan has not been evaluated in people who are 17 years of age and younger and has not been evaluated in women who are pregnant.

iCan App records blood glucose results every three minutes and provides trend graphs and daily average graphs. The App also provides and records alerts if your glucose is in or projected to be in an unsafe zone.

The monitoring range of the iCan CGM system is: 2.0 mmol/L(36mg/dl) ~ 25.0 mmol/L(450mg/dl). If your result goes out of this range, the iCan Health App will display your glucose level as either too high or too low.

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