iCan CGM

Your NEW choice for diabetes management

You are always in control

CGM: continuous glucose monitoring
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The world’s first and only 15-day CGM

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Industry-leading MARD



Exceptional anti-interference



Easy to Use

No scanning


No fingerpricks



Real-time alerts


Waterproof: IP28


Know your glucose anywhere and anytime



15-day wear life


3-min frequency


7160 readings

Affordable even without insurance coverage

iCan Health App

With iCan Health app, you can monitor your glucose, view trends and reports,
and share data with your family, friends and HCPs anywhere and anytime.

Check to see if your device is compatible with iCan Health App.

iCan Reach App

With iCan Reach app, your partner or caregiver can track your glucose data and trends, as well as get alerts when you share your iCan data with them.
The iCan Reach App could help you:

View the Sharer’s glucose information.​

Get Alerts.

View the Sharer’s trend graph.

Check to see if your device is compatible with iCan CGM App.

Sinocare Inc.

Sinocare has over 25 million product users around the world, we are present in 135 countries and employ more than 4,300 people.

Founded in 2002, Sinocare has a vision to become the leading diabetes digital management expert in the world.


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Product users world


market share BGM, USA

Sino Health Consulting(data to Mar 2023)

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Important Safety Information

1. MARD (mean absolute relative difference) is a statistical assessment of CGM accuracy; the lower the number the more accurate the CGM should be.

2. Ascorbic acid intake and moderate exercise do not have clinically meaningful effects on glucose measurements.

3. Fingersticks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings.

4. Certified to withstand being submerged in 2.5 meters deep water for up to 2 hours.

5. iCan Health App:Only use this App with the iCan CGM system. Before you start making treatment decisions with iCan, work with your healthcare professional to learn how.

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